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Jamie WW3S

I agree Ian, bizarre.....have no idea where Dave is coming is a snip from one that worked....

since many different ops use the club callsign, I've been using the op field to denote which group was there for that contest, may not be the way it was intended, but it works, as long as the total string is less than 13 characters.....otherwise it returns this error:

my only suggestion was to expand this field longer than 13......nothing to do with illegal use, fabricated callsigns, etc.....I'll crawl back under my rock now.....

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+ AA6YQ comments below
It's for a club callsign, in a multi op took ND8L, WW3S but won't take longer....
+ It would be illegal to use that callsign over the air. Callsigns cannot contain spaces or punctuation. Also, US callsigns are issued by the FCC; you can't just fabricate one.
This conversation is getting a bit bizarre :)
Are we talking about the Operator Callsign field? If so, that's
intended to be the callsign of *the operator who made that QSO*, not
the list of all of the operators who jointly participated in a
multi-op contest entry. Contest logging software usually allows each
operator to "log in" (so subsequent QSOs will be logged with them as
the operator).
~iain / N6ML

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