Re: Computer lockup when I click on Upload to LotW

Steve K8JQ


Following up.

My computer "lock up" problem (which you advised is a lack of resources) occurred frequently in July and August. I posted here on August 26, 2020, seeking advice. The "lock up" has not occurred since that posting. I have uploaded to LotW about fifteen times from August 27 through today without issue. I am not aware of having done anything to resolve the problem.

So, at least for the moment, the DXKeeper upload-to-LotW issue is not an issue.

Thanks for the advice.

Steve, K8JQ

On 8/28/2020 11:58 PM, Steve K8JQ wrote:
Nothing like Bitcoin mining going on -- at least not that I know of  :-)

Anti-malware is Windows Defender. It is configured to consider the DXLab folder as safe.

I will post results of uploads in safe-mode-with-networking in a week or two.


Steve, K8JQ

On 8/26/2020 7:53 PM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

Reboot at least every morning, usually more than that. RAM 32GB. I will look at Windows Task Manager next time -- if it will let me  :-)

+ Your reboot frequency and available RAM should be more than sufficient, unless you are running multiple protein folding or Bitcoin mining applications in the background.

+ Two other possibilities:

1. interference from a firewall or anti-malware application not configured to consider DXKeeper to be "safe"

2. misconfigured Windows Virtual Memory

+ The typical way to test for anti-malware interference is to reboot Windows into "safe mode with networking", as this  does not start your firewall and anti-malware. I know it'll be a pain, but each time you have QSOs to upload, reboot Windows into "safe mode with networking", start the Launcher, direct the Launcher to start DXKeeper, and then direct DXKeeper to upload your QSOs to LoTW. If you do this 5 times in succession without the "can't run other applications while uploading" symptom appearing, then we'll have gained an important clue.


                    Dave, AA6YQ

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