FT-1000D and NaP3 et al

Roger N1RJ

I decided to sell my Elecraft K3 and revert back to my FT-1000D. The K3 was
integrated very well with DX4Win, LP-Pan, NaP3, and CW Skimmer. The FT-1000
with it's limited CAT commands was more of a challenge. I asked Larry, N8LP,
if he could add the FT-1000 to the rigs in LPB2 but he said no. It was too
different from the other rigs to do easily. Hi did mention that there was a
way to get things working together using DXlab Commander. It was a rather
convoluted process using Commander, Com0Com and LP-Bridge. I regained about
90% of the functionality that I had with the K3.

I have a couple of questions though. Commander takes FT-1000 4800 baud input
on Com7 and translates it to K3 data at 38,400 baud on Com8. Is this correct?

I don't understand the necessity of Com0Com. It seems that all it does is change
the data from Com8 to Com13 for input to LP-Bridge. Why can't LP-Bridge connect
to Commander on Com8?

73, Roger N1RJ

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