Re: Grid Glitch

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I am referring to the Grid Computation on the "my QTHs" tab (after pushing the "New" button). Lat/Long can be entered in a Decimal-Degree format (which is very nice). The grid is then computed in real-time (also very nice). The Decimal-Degree Lat/Long is then correctly converted to DDD-MM-SS in the summary table lower on the page. It is only the Grid location that is incorrect & the grid is only incorrect if the 4th significant digit is included with the Decimal-Degree. It works fine with three significant digits. It is minor - but I thought I would bring it to your attention.

+ Thanks, Rob! I'd forgotten about the decimal lat/lon entry option on the "my QTHs" tab. This looks like an "insufficient precision" problem; I am investigating...


Dave, AA6YQ

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