Re: DXLab Restore Problem

Alan Swinger

Dave - That action seems to have solved  the Launcher link to all the apps except Spot Collector. When opening via Launcher, I get  a "does not exist" message for C:\ProgramFiles\DXLabSuite\SpotCollector\Databases\Spots.mdb . . . which is where we were before . . . AND the Config Spot Database File address is C:\Program Files\DXLab Suite\SpotCollector\Databases\Spots.mdb.
Seems like this also needs to be changed to a DXLab address!? Thoughts?

Re what else needs to be fixed . . ., not sure yet until I chk all workspace parameters, but looks good so far!! 
Tks for all the time, effort and tutoring  - much appreciated. - Alan K9MBQ

P.S. Last Item: Seems like this also needs to be changed to a DXLab address!? Thoughts?

On Mon, Sep 14, 2020 at 11:43 AM Dave AA6YQ <aa6yq@...> wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

Dave- Commander and all DXLab apps are in  C:\DXLab folder, incl Launcher which opens from there.

+ The screen shot you sent me shows that the Launcher thinks that all of your other DXLab applications are installed in C:\Program Files. That is why the Launcher cannot start your other DXLab applications.

+ To correct this, select the "DXLab Applications" tag on the Launcher's Configuration window, and for each DXLab application other than the Launcher, click its Sel button; in the "Open" window that appears, navigate to the folder in C:\DXLab that contains the application, and select the application's executable file, e.g.

CI-V Commander.exe

+ After you complete this, the Launcher should be able to start your DXLab applications.

+ What else isn't working?


                 Dave,. AA6YQ

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