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Alan Swinger

Dave - Looking at my laptop where all works, the path on the launcher Config menu for all apps is C:\DXLab, whereas as you will see in the screen shot of the DT version all (except the Launcher) start as C:\ProgramFiles. So, do I need to delete the "ProgramFiles" part of the paths to make this work?
I sent the Screen shot again to your ambersoft address.

Tks - Alan K9MBQ

On Sun, Sep 13, 2020 at 7:05 PM Dave AA6YQ <aa6yq@...> wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

Dave - here is the status of your suggested actions:
- Commander: After the first Reboot, i opened WE and Commander started all OK. In subsequent attempts at re-booting and opening, I get the Commander is Running messag (tried several times - same result).

+ Please reboot Windows and start Commander. Then terminate Commander, and start the Windows Task Manager. Is there still an entry in the Windows Task Manager for Commander?

DXK - Onlog tab of the DXK Config window, the path is C:\ProgramFiles\DXLabSuite\DXKeeper\Databases\K9MBQ.mdb . . . which does not exist. However, the mdb file that I have on the DT resides in C:\Users\Swinger\Desktop\K9MBQ.mdb, which is where it resides on my Laptop and works fine.. Can I substitute this address for the Program Files address?

+ Yes, but the Desktop is not a recommended place to put log files. I suggest the Databases tab of DXKeeper's Configuration window.

+ Also, installing DXLab applications in C:\ProgramFiles\DXLabSuite requires that they all be given Windows Administrator privileges. The default is


- Spot Collector: The Spot Database Tab specifies C:\ProgramFiles\DXLabSuite\SpotCollector\Database\Spots.mdb . .  . I looked there and it does not exist)

+ SpotCollector should automatically recreate the missing Spots.mdb file -- unless it can't because it doesn't have Administrator privileges.

+ Where were your DXLab applications originally installed?

- WW - Fixed

The DXLab apps Screen Shot sent to you separately.

+ I have not received it.


              Dave, AA6YQ

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