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Alan Swinger

Dave - Appreciate your comments, but you may have missed some of the context in this e-mail series. In short, the HD died, the Staples Techs replaced it, re-loaded the OS (WIN 10), and restored what they could from my Clone and mirror image drives . . . but unfortunately also dragged/dropped all DX Lab apps except the Launcher from the drives. So, when I downloaded the Launcher it came up OK, but all other apps in the Config menu were absent, even though they show up in the C Drive under DXLAB. I have a good Workspace file for settings, but of no use unless the apps are accessible. The checks Dave suggested indicate some files are missing, but I am not confident that I can track them down and do what is needed. 
So, I am reasonably confident that I and my Staples Techs can UNINSTALL all DXLab apps so that I can Re-Load from the Launcher. What is wrong w/ my approach?
Alan K9MBQ 

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Don’t delete and reinstall the DXLab applications.. This may cause more problems than you are currently having.  It will overwrite some of your current  (previously saved) files. 

Take the time to do as Dave suggestedRushing to get through a disk crash repair when you already have the data/files you need will only compound your problems when DXLab is finally running, because you’ve lost some of your settings and/or file updates.


I just finished, yesterday, a Boot disk replacement and followed the detailed instructions Dave pointed you to.  Yes, it took some time, but I have everything working like it did before the disk replacement (and operating system replacement).



Dave, w6de


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Pls explain. Seems like starting over clean should be a good way to get up and running. . . rather than looking for missing files. is there some risk of uninstalling? - alan

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I advise otherwise.

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