Re: Problem with Gateway

Bill Pence

Email me direct. I use n1mm wsjt and dxkeeper gateway....

On Wed, Sep 9, 2020, 6:29 PM Richard Lawn <rjlawn@...> wrote:
I confess to not being a real contester but in retirement I'm now beginning to devote more time to contesting. I'm also trying to settle in on 1 logger for everything and am liking DXLabs Suite and Keeper. But I want to use N1MM+ for contesting. I've tried to set up the Gateway app so that anything logged in N1MM+ goes into DXKeeper. I think that WSJT-X couple be the culprit but it's not working and I've received the attached error message. I could use some help configuring this as I don't want to use more applications than are necessary. For radios I use either a Flex 6400 or IC-7610.

Rick, W2JAZ

Rick, W2JAZ 

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