DXKeeper configured for SWL/MWDX/etc?

Peter Laws / N5UWY

Has anyone every played with a configuration -- stored in a separate
workspace because as another poster recently mentioned, workspaces are
the bomb -- that is optimized for non-amateur station logging? I've
looked at what's out there for SWL logging and it's OK, I guess, but
most of the authors would like some money, please, and the programs
look like a chore to use, or at least learn.

Since I'm already a long-time DXLab user and not really willing to
learn a new package, let alone pay some for the privilege, I thought
I'd start here in case someone had experience with this. It's only
the log part that interests me because 90% of the rest of the suite --
which I use all the time on the amateur bands -- is not really useful
for SWL (or MWDX or FMDX ...).

Anyone done this?

Please don't suggest other packages - I have no interest. I use
spreadsheets now and will continue to do that *unless* I can bend
DXKeeper to the task (it's an amateur log, I get it, I use it that
way, don't post and say "you know it's an *amateur* log, right?").


Peter Laws | N5UWY | plaws plaws net | Travel by Train!

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