Re: WW and MMTTY RX Issue

Joe Subich, W4TV

Without knowing which setting had been changed, it is hard to say
what caused the problem. However, The MMTTY MARK frequency is
stored in MMTTY.INI - you have at least three copies (in N1MM+,
in the stand alone MMTTY directory, and in your WinWarbler directory) -
*and* in the Windows Registry entries for WinWarbler (plus your
"workspace" if you use that feature as recommended). If the issue
existed for all three applications, I would say the K3 pitch had
been changed.

The K3/K3S DATA/PITCH setting is not changed in the CONFIG menu -
it is changed using the "Pitch" key (SPOT/Hold) and VFO A while
the K3 is in DATA/DATA_A or DATA/FSK_D mode.


... Joe, W4TV

On 2020-09-05 12:14 PM, Jim Denneny wrote:
Appreciate the analysis Joe.  I guess tone mismatch remains a mystery if root cause is not Win 10 upgrade. I have used these apps for years and never experienced high-low tone mismatch.  Also, it has been over a year since I was in the K3S CONFIG menu. You can be sure I will remain vigilant to this event. Thanks again to all who responded.
73, Jim K7EG

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