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Joe Subich, W4TV

+ are invalid. As shown in the ADIF specification

Although not applicable in this discussion, ADIF 3.1.1 has
approved and released on 2 September:

These changes from the previous version may necessitate application code or data changes:
Addition of the FST4 submode to the MFSK mode in the Mode and Submode Enumerations.
Addition of the 5m and 8m bands to the Band Enumeration.
Addition of ARRL-10-GHZ and WW-DIGI to the Contest-ID Enumeration.


... Joe, W4TV

On 2020-09-05 1:03 AM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below
I'm having a hard time importing my old log into DXKeeper. Tried many times without success. Finally reworked the Excel and
converted to ADI. It would not accept.
+ Is your "old log" in Excel or in ADIF format?
Then attempted to upload the same file as a tab delimited *.txt file. Got the following error message:
"Illegal - too many fields in record:"
These are the fields in my log that I am trying to upload. What am I doing wrong?
Here is a sample record from the log.
<QSO_date:8>20000909 <Time_On:4>0154 <Time_Off:4>0156 <Freq:6>21.195 <Band:2>15 <Mode:3>SSB <Tx_Pwr:2>50
<Call:6>JG1PED <RST_sent:2>59 <RST_rcvd:2>59 <Name:4>TONY <QTH:8>YOKOHAMA <State:2>11 <Cnty:4>1101
<Comment:0> <QSL_sent:1>X <QSL_rcvd:1>- <Station_Callsign:6>VU2ABE <eor>
+ When I direct DXKeeper to import that record, the result is
"Illegal - imported frequency 21.195 doesn't match imported band 15"
+ That's because <Band:2>15 is not a valid ADIF field. The QSO is imported into DXKeeper, but with its "tx band" item empty, and
the "tx band" label flashing in red font (meaning "either select a valid band, or delete this QSO).
As you can see from the "Band enumeration" in the ADIF specification
+ the correct specification for 15 meters is
+ Correcting the band field enables DXKeeper to import the record without error. However,
+ and
+ are invalid. As shown in the ADIF specification
X is not a valid choice for QSL_sent, and hyphen is not a valid choice for QSL_rcvd. Unlike Band, which DXKeeper considers critical,
neither QSL_sent nor QSL_rcvd are considered critical, so they are simply ignored. Typically, one corrects problems like this in the
ADIF file "en masse" with a text editor (after making a backup copy of your original file). For example, you would change all
instances of
+ to whichever of the valid QSL_sent choices describe what "X" meant in your previous logging application:
+ Similarly, you'd change all instances of
+ to the appropriate choice from among these candidates:
+ For context, I suggest that you review these two articles:
Dave, AA6YQ

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