Re: WW and MMTTY RX Issue

Jamie WW3S

no, not reversed.....different audio tones selected.....high tones are centered at 2125 hz, low tones at 1275 (or others)...much easier on the ears.....but the radio and software both need to be configured the same, so the audio stays within the passband,.....

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Does this mean that the mark/space afsk generated tones were reverse to the ssb choice used on the radio ?

On 5/9/20 12:13 pm, Adrian Fewster via wrote:

Jim, Can you let us know the actual setting parameter descriptions please in regard to below ?

On 5/9/20 11:53 am, Jim Denneny wrote:
Found root cause with the help of friend Bob Wilson N6TV
As reported earlier I could not understand why MMTTY, N1MM, and DXL WW could TX rtty but could not RX rtty. Radio was set for low tones & MMTTY was set for high tones. This disparity has never occurred before.
I suspect recent Win 10 August upgrade caused this event but impossible to prove

Jim Denneny K7EG

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