Re: COmputer slowed down after about a week of DXLabs

Dave / NR1DX


Do you leave your computer on continuously ?  If so power down and start back up and see if the problem goes away. Also you can use windows TASK MANAGER to what programs are using the most CPU  and memory usage this will give you and all of us a better clue on where the problem might be'


On 9/2/2020 6:54 PM, Norm wrote:
My computer has slowed down after about 3 weeks of moving to dxlabs from HRD.  I almost always use with JTDX.
When selecting a new station to call, it takes several seconds for the call to show up in dxKeeper filter window.  And when the qso is finished it takes almost a minute for it to show up as logged.

It didn't do this for a couple weeks.  Then is slowed down.  First couple contacts are speedy then it starts slowing down.

So I'm wondering if I have a setting set that is over tasking the computer.  The computer isn't a speed demon, but it all worked so well for a couple weeks.
commander, dxkeeper, spot collector and JTDX running.

Just asking... HI

Norm WA4ZXV EM73vw
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