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+ AA6YQ comments below

My computer has slowed down after about 3 weeks of moving to dxlabs from HRD. I almost always use with JTDX.
When selecting a new station to call, it takes several seconds for the call to show up in dxKeeper filter window. And when the qso is finished it takes almost a minute for it to show up as logged.

It didn't do this for a couple weeks. Then is slowed down. First couple contacts are speedy then it starts slowing down.

So I'm wondering if I have a setting set that is over tasking the computer. The computer isn't a speed demon, but it all worked so well for a couple weeks.
commander, dxkeeper, spot collector and JTDX running.

+ Have you configured your anti-malware applications to consider each of your DXLab applications to be "safe"?

+ How many entries are present in your Spot Database?

+ Have your reviewed the configuration guidance for SpotCollector provided here?


+ Note: DXLab interoperates with WSJT-X. I have not tested it with JTDX, though several DXLab users employ it without complaint.

Just asking... HI

+ All questions are welcome here, Norm.

I posted this to our local club's FB page. It's WSJT-X, not JTDX, and
further, it's very like that my problem was different than the problem
you are having -- unless your disk space is also very low and your
Windows instance was heavily reliant on swap space. But I thought it
worth posting:

``WSJT-X user? I am. Started January of '19 (not long after Peter K
did that SSTV stuff over the repeater showing images from a
telescope). Lots of QSOs.

``Since the deadly global pandemic started, I've made a bunch more.
Like 700+ ... and that's just QSOs. I often have it decoding for hours
while working.

``Completely and totally unrelated to that, I've noticed that I've
been running low on storage. To keep costs down when I put this system
together, I only got a 120-GB SSD. And I was down below a gig the
other day. OK, so ran C-Cleaner and the disk clean up routines in W10
and pulled off some software I wasn't really using and got it up to
about 5 GB free.

``Today, I noticed that C-Cleaner has a better "storage analysis" tool
than W10. Ran it and found out that the single biggest use of disk
space was music. What? I get my music from the radio like anyone born
in the 1960s. Duh. Dig a bit more and find out all the "music" (WAV
files, actually) are in "C:\Users\plaws\AppData\Local\WSJT-X\save\"
.... Wait - that's no music ...

``Turns out that WSJT-X had saved pretty much every Rx period I'd ever
decoded. Took me a while to find out where this was controlled, but
there it is under "Save" on the main menu bar. I don't know if *I*
selected "Save decoded" or if that was the default ...

``But I now have 70 GB free ...

``Check this on your own setup. If it's on because you want it on,
that's great, but if it's on and you didn't realize it ...''

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