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Dave AA6YQ

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Dave, OK on that, I thought you must have something different.

I get that you don't think a 1 -4 2nd CAT selection linked to the radio list is necessary, but hopefully in the future you may look at adding it. Even if there was a editable text-file config, for each of four radio profiles, that includes the 2nd cat setting, so when radio is selected, so do those setting also apply, that would be great.

+ DXLab applications do not employ text files for configuration settings. All settings are accessible from Configuration windows where choices from valid values can be made, and explanatory popups briefly describe each setting's function; all settings are saved in the Windows Registry on a "per user" basis.

+ Every new setting increases the perceived complexity of the application and consumes screen space, and thus must justify its addition with compensating value. Given the available cabling alternatives, I don't see the compensating value of expanding Commander's multi-radio support to permit the specification of a different secondary CAT port for each primary transceiver. You might be the only DXLab user to employ it.

It's on my wish list then.

I want to keep my cables in the existing rs-232 Yaesu format that provides myself more options for use.

+ You could retain the use of your current cables by building a small box with three RS232 connectors A, B, and C.

+ A would be connected to Commander's Secondary CAT port using a standard RS232 cable. B would be connected to your 1.5KFA's "Input 1 CAT" connector using your existing cable, and C would be connected to your 1.5KFA's "Input 2 CAT" connector using your existing cable. The box would

- connect A's TXD signal to B's RXD signal and C's RXD signal, enabling both 1.5KFA CAT connectors to receive frequency reports from the Secondary CAT Port

- connect A's ground to B's ground and C's ground


Dave, AA6YQ

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