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Adrian Fewster <vk4tux@...>

Dave, OK on that, I thought you must have something different.

 I get that you don't think a 1 -4 2nd CAT selection linked to the radio list is necessary, but hopefully

in the future you may look at adding it. Even if there was a editable text-file config, for each of four radio profiles,

that includes the 2nd cat setting, so when radio is selected, so do those setting also apply, that would be great.

It's on my wish list then.

I want to keep my cables in the existing rs-232 Yaesu format that provides myself more options for use.

I really am very impressed by everything your software does, and I thankyou for it.

Your support here for everybody is incredible, at a level I have never seen before.


Adrian Fewster

On 27/8/20 11:16 am, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

Dave, not sure if they vary in design but with the 1.5KFA when you switch to 2nd txcr input,

the required CAT connection shifts to the 2nd CAT connector also, which I have setup to PC, and it is on a different PC comport.

I am following the primary CAT with the SPE secondary Commander cat connection for both profiles, mainly for the 101 so it will also follow

SUB freq (on direct SPE<>Yaesu 101 cat conn, sub freq read is not possible), and it is also convenient with the KX3, no extra cables/adaptors needed.

So on your SPE amp how do you make one of the two CAT connectors work with both inputs? Perhaps your model SPE only has one CAT connection ?

+ My 2K-FA has two antenna input and CAT connectors, as does your 1.5KFA -- but I only use one of them. I wanted the ability to switch between primary transceivers with one mouse click on Commander's Main window (or the execution of a user-defined command sequence), so I assembled my own set of antenna, paddle, microphone, footswitch, headphone, ptt, and relay switches, all controlled by an OTRSP-compliant USB device sold by PIEXX. Thus the 2KFA only sees one transceiver.

+ When configured to use the Kenwood CAT protocol, your 1.5KFA's CAT connectors listen to incoming CAT commands on pin 1. In your configuration, You can connect the "TXD" signal from Commander's Secondary CAT serial port to pin 1 of both of your 1.5KFA's CAT connectors. There is no need to connect anything to the "TXD" signals in the 1.5KFA's CAT connectors; the functional connection between Commander's Secondary CAT port and each of the 1.5KFA's CAT connectors is uni-directional.

Then no matter which transceiver you direct your 1.5KFA to select, its CAT connector will receive Kenwood CAT instructions from Commander's Secondary CAT port. If you'd like confirmation, check this suggestion out with SPE technical support.


Dave, AA6YQ

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