Re: Commander Multi Radio Secondary cat Port

Adrian Fewster

Dave, not sure if they vary in design but with the 1.5KFA when you switch to 2nd txcr input,

the required CAT connection shifts to the 2nd CAT connector also, which I have setup to PC, and it is on a different PC comport.

I am following the primary CAT with the SPE secondary Commander cat connection for both profiles, mainly for the 101 so it will also follow

SUB freq (on direct SPE<>Yaesu 101 cat conn, sub freq read is not possible), and it is also convenient with the KX3, no extra cables/adaptors needed.

So on your SPE amp how do you make one of the two CAT connectors work with both inputs? Perhaps your model SPE only has one CAT connection ?

Mine has two, one for each radio.

Thanks for the quick response.

Adrian Fewster

On 27/8/20 2:54 am, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

Dave, I use a SPE amp > PC connected to Commander 2nd cat following a FTDX101MP (radio 1), and a KX3 (radio 2),

also connected to the SPE in the same way, on a 2nd cat connection.

On Commander I can switch between 101 and KX3 in operation and toggle input 1 and 2 on the SPE to match.

However i have to manually reconfigure the secondary cat connection to the SPE for KX3 operation.

+ Manually reconfigure the secondary CAT port in what way?

+ I have Commander controlling my two primary transceivers (IC-7800 and Flex 6500), and my SPE amp connected to the secondary CAT port configured to "follow" the current primary transceiver. No reconfiguration is required when I switch primary transceivers.


Dave, AA6YQ

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