Computer lockup when I click on Upload to LotW

Steve K8JQ

For about half of the occasions when I click on Upload to LotW, my desktop computer locks up until the upload process is completed. The mouse still moves the cursor around the screen, but the computer is otherwise unresponsive. On the other hand, for the other occasions when I click on Upload to LotW I can use the computer for other things while the upload process is in progress -- email, web browser, spreadsheet, etc.

I began using LotW in the spring of this year. No computer lock-up's until last month (July). While not the end of the world, the lock-up's are inconvenient and I'd like to avoid them.

Anyone have insight as to why the lock-up's happen sometimes and sometimes not? Are there configuration settings in DXLabs or Windows 10 that might help?

DXKeeper 15.7.2, Windows 10 Home 1909.


Steve, K8JQ

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