Controling radio functions in DX Commander WITH SatPC32

Stephan Greene

Enjoying DXLab suite and trying to extend my use of Commander with SatPC32 to assist remote operation (initially from elsewhere in my own house).  SatPC32 GUI manages frequency, tuning, mode (SSB/CW/FM), and PTT.  I'd like to adjust TX power and main band audio level remotely using DX Commander.  I've programmed a slider for TX power and for audio volume, several buttons to set a discrete power level, and a button to set the TX time-out to 3 minutes.   DX Commander successfully performs these functions when selected to use the radio (IC-9100).  The buttons and sliders do nothing if SatPC32 is selected.  I understand that this is the intended operation.

Using comm port splitting software (Eterlogic VSPE), I  can switch Commander back to the 9100, execute the command, then manually switch back to SatPC32 and continue.  (Note - I am using the USB cable connection, the CIV connection is not being used but I have a cable available to do so.)

What I would like to know:
- Can I make the buttons and sliders "live" without disconnecting Commander from SatPC32?
- Can I configure the commands to change the button or LED color to indicate the command was executed successfully? 
- Can I append a command append to the buttons and sliders to instruct Commander to reconnect to SatPC32 after executing the command?
- Any suggestions for minimizing contention of the CIV bus between Commander and SatPC32 when both are live?  I expect normal operation will be to leave SatPC32 connected and disconnect briefly to adjust transmit power as a satellite gets closer.

Thanks in advance!
73 Steve KS1G

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