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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Apologies for not posting this query on the forum page. I am sending this direct only because this is a very basic question and the
queries that you field are very high level.

+ Queries of all levels are welcome in the DXLab Discussion Group, Abie.

Here is my problem. I have a Paradox log (self-made) going back 33 years and containing 15,513 entries. I exported the log to Excel
and using your ingenious ADIF converter program (the best!) I was able to upload the entire log to Winlog32. Everything worked fine.

+ The excellent Excel-to-ADIF conversion technique described here


+ was developed by Rick VE3KI; it has helped many hams.

Then I realized that DX Keeper was far more versatile, and I would like to export the ADIF file from Excel to DX Keeper and use DX
Keeper going forward.

I would like to keep track of Japanese JCC/JCG, Korean KDN, Russian RDA awards, and US counties. But maybe my error, I could not
find clear enough instructions on how these codes need to be included in the ADIF file.

Should I create additional fields for these codes (e.g. Ken # and JCC/JCG number, US State and US CTY, etc.) or could I include them
all in the QTH field? If so, in what order?

There are over 15,500 entries so I do not want to mess up. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

+ The original ADIF specification was rather biased towards North America: it provided STATE and CNTY fields for US states and
counties respectively, and a VE_PROV field for Canadian provinces. Rather than continue adding unique field names for the
administrative subdivisions of countries around the world (JA_PREFECTURE, UA_OBLAST, F_DEPARTMENT, HL_PROVINCE), we instead
generalized the STATE field to mean "primary administrative subdivision". The "codes" to be used for each country's primary
administrative subdivisions are specified here:


+ Thus <DXCC:3>339 <STATE:2>12 specifies the Chiba prefecture in Japan.

+ Similarly, we generalized the CNTY field to mean "secondary administrative subdivision":


+ Thus <DXCC:3>137 <STATE:1>B <CNTY:3>B24 specifies Sueyoung Gu District in Busan Gwant'yeogsi Province in Korea.

+ Thus you should not employ user-defined fields to record location information for JARL city/gun awards or Korean District Awards.
If the proper codes are present in a Japanese or Korean QSO's STATE and CNTY items, DXKeeper's JARL and KDN progress reports will
produce accurate results. For an overview, see


+ For details, see


+ and


+ and



Dave, AA6YQ

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