Re: WinWarbler Setup

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Dave, I played some more, and see extFSK64 and MMTTY Engine is supported, and config settings, but I cannot get it to FSK key.

I see the shift activity in the Engine screen, but it is not fsk keying radio.

I am trying to find the MMTTY Engine comport config with RTS DTR options , which shows in the native MMTTY version ?

I don't think it is tickling the rts as needed for extFSK keying. I have TX and just a mark key line.

MMTTY on the other hand works great using extFSK64 method, so not sure what I am missing?

+ WinWarbler uses MMTTY as an "engine" for RTTY reception and transmission. If you start the instance of MMTTY in your WinWarbler folder, is it able to transmit RTTY? Make sure EXTFSK64 is correctly configured.


Dave, AA6YQ

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