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Dave the FTDX101MP ( I use) works fine with MMTTY with extFSK64 via RTS, with DTR ptt on the standard CP2105 comport (no soundcard afsk involved) (enhanced CP2105 comport used for CAT).

Is this possible in Winwarbler ?

Adrian Fewster

On 20/8/20 9:51 am, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

I am trying to set up WinWarbler on a Yaesu FTDX101MP. MMTY is working well as a stand alone and I am making RTTY contacts. Commander is working fine with both TX and RX Mode and freq all interacting with the transceiver. In WinWarbler RTTY config I get to MMTY SETUP button works.

When I transmit RTTY in WinWarbler with macros or typed in text I transmit a solid carrier wave and the text goes into the top screen in white but is obviously not transmitting.

+ That's the classic symptom of configuring WinWarbler for RTTY FSK operation, but not providing an FSK signal to the transceiver's backpanel input - in the case of the FTDX-101, the SHIFT signal on pin 4 of the backpanel RTTY/DATA jack, as shown on page 62 of your FTDX-101 Operation Manual. As described in


+ this requires an external circuit to generate the FSK signal from a serial port modem control signal:


+ You say you are making RTTY QSOs with MMTTY, so you evidently have MMTTY configured for AFSK transmission. You can configure WinWarbler to transmit RTTY via AFSK as well: see the RTTY portion of the "General Setup Instructions" in



Dave, AA6YQ

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