Re: Commander loses CAT link to rig

Jackson McNees

Great! Making progress...

Totally redid ground system -- bigger and shorter wires. Also set all the USB ports to not power down. Added ferrite choke at each end of USB cable between IC-7300 and computer.

Operated almost a full day until I got the following:

Error in Sound Input

An error opening the audio input device has occurred.

Checked all the settings for audio and nothing changed. Had to restart Commander and everything good again.

Still RFI, or is there something else in Commander I need to change?

Jack, K4IJQ

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+ AA6YQ comments below

Sounds like RFI to me.

Transmit into a dummy load and see what happens.

+ Or just lower the RF output to zero.

+ Another possibility: Windows is powering down the USB port:


+ You'll want to run the port at 115,200 so you can use Commander's Spectrum-Waterfall window:



Dave, AA6YQ

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