JTAlert logging to DXKeeper stopped working

Catherine James

I've had WSJT-X --> JTAlert --> DXKeeper logging working for a long time, but it has stopped working recently.

WSJT-X:  v2.2.2
JTAlertX 2.10.2
DXKeeper: 15.7.2

Going into JTAlert Settings --> Applications --> DXLab Suite --> Test and clicking "test" shows DXKeeper as "running" and DDE Connect as "connected".

Going into JTAlert Settings --> Logging DXLab DXKeeper shows that "Enable DXLab  DXKeeper Logging" is checked, TCP Network Service Port is 5200.  Online logs are not checked.

Going into WSJT-X Settings --> Reporting tab shows that none of the "Logging" boxes is checked, UDP Server is set to, UDP Server port number is set to 2237, and all three UDP request boxes at the right are checked.

No error message is generated when I click Log QSO in WSJT-X, but no log entry is added in DXKeeper. It fails silently.

Commander is running, and is working correctly switching T/R under direction of WSJT-X. When I manually log the QSO, it successfully reads the frequency from the transceiver.

Any ideas what may have changed to make this stop working?

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