Fixed mouse wheel steps in Commander Spectrum-waterfall display?

Björn (SM0SBL)

I cannot find a way to set a fixed frequency step when using the mouse wheel in the Spectrum-Waterfall display.
The intuitive way of using the mouse is to first click on some interesting signal, and then fine tune with the mouse.
When the only option I seam to have is to select a percentage of the current frequency span visable in the display it gets pretty useless imho.
E.g. if I set a suitable percentage in 40m band, which is 200k wide at most (here in SM) and shift to 10m which is 1M wide at most (due to my radio) the frequency steps are 5 times larger in 10m than in 40m even though the signal I'm trying to tune is still an SSB with a fixed bandwidth of about 2.5k...

The only way I can get a consistent frequency step between different bands is to set the scroll speed to 0.001% as it will hit the smallest possible tune accepted by my radio which is 10hz in my case.

I would really like to be able to set the frequency step for the mouse wheel operation, either a fixed herzt per mode, or per band, och to follow the settings in the commander window, i.e. which decimal is selected in the commander window.

Or am I missing some setting I cannot find?

Björn, SM0SBL

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