Re: SpotCollector 8.7.3 is available

Russ Ravella

Hi Dave,

Another dumb one coming up ... your release notes on SC include this:

- when a K1JT-mode Spot Database Entry is double-clicked, directs WSTX-J to populate its "DX Call" with the callsign, and generate
standard messages for that callsign (tnx to John W1JA)

Is it possible that by "WSTX-J", you meant "WSJT-X" ?  And if that's true, I can't seem to get it to work.  I've enabled WSJT-X in SC's config, set the port to WSJT-X's 2334 but it won't connect.  I have Laurie's new JTAlert version running which supports multicast so it shouldn't be interfering, right ?

Thanks as always,
Russ, KR6W 

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