Exporting FFMA status

Steve - N3SL

Not that this is a "critical" situation, but how can I accomplish this?

Selecting the "FFMA" progress report exports an ascii list - as expected.  I also use GridMapper to display the status of my 6m US grids (i.e. FFMA).  If I filter my log with a query choosing all the US grids + 6m, I get the opportunity to export in ADIF, as GridMapper requires for input.

Here is the issue:  For calls with more than one grid, e.g. W7GJ opperated on the corner of 4 grids - and DXKeeper has them all listed, and LoTW has confirmed all 4 - but the export file only lists Grid1.  How do I get an export to show all 4?  There are other examples from recent operations, e.g. AG6EE, but no joy.

Again, not a critical item, but there must be a way....

Thanks for any insight/guidance.

Steve, N3SL

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