Re: Spot Collector Database


Thanks for the reply Dave.
I am successfully connected to a spot source. Problem was that the spot database could not be accessed. 
I thought that I could erase the databases and when I restored the program blank ones would be created. That obviously did not work. 
So anyway I now have a spots database but no SpecialCallsigns.mdb and no BandModes.txt files. Also, when I try to specify a pathname for the database file from the config window it says “path not found”.
Error messages this morning:
“The spot Database cannot be accessed for compaction: Path not found.
“Unable to crate a special callsign database in C:\DXLab\Databases\SpecialCallsigns.mdb because + 
‘C:\DX Lab\Databases\SpecialCallsigns.mdb’ is not a valid path. “
“Band-Mode file C:\DXLab\BandModes.txt does not exist; spot database entries will be missing Band and mode fields.”
Guess I need to know which database files are necessary, where to get them, and where they should be on my disc so the paths will be valid.
Darryl K7UT

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