Need Ideas, best way to export DXKeeper ADIF log for import to WSJTX_log.adi

Mark W2OR <reston2010mm-orders@...>

Greetings. Last week in preparing for a digital contest, the WSJTX_log.adi  file here was mistakenly erased, and so now, plans are to repopulate that WSJT file with an ADIF file from the main DXKeeper log.  That can be done, seemingly, starting with Keeper's Export tab, but first:

~~ has anyone had success doing this specifically for WSJTX ??
~~ Is there an easier way to repopulate the WSJTX_log.adi file, perhaps by instead using LotW's ADIF records?
~~ Would it be best to pre-filter the DXKeeper ADIF export file to eliminate unnecessary duplicate log records; 
~~ Will the DXKeeper ADIF file need alterations before being exported, such as, deletion of unnecessary fields (like name, IOTA info, narrative comments, etc)?
~~ Since this is all 'new territory', what else am I missing?  

FYI:  The software involved is Win7; Am using standard WSJTx;  DXKeeper with 39k QSOs;  JTAlert.
Thank you !!
.. w2or ..

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