DXLauncher Installation Issue

Barry Priddy

I'm trying to install DXLauncher on another computer, and not having success.  I downloaded the DXLauncher installer for Win 10 64 bit, but, when I start it, I get an error message that says that RCV7.msi cannot be found.  The message says to look in C:\user\xxx\APPDATA\LOCAL\TEMP\. 

I looked in that location on the computer on which I have DXLab installed and working.  I thought I could copy the file and move it to the other computer, but RCV7.msi is not there.

I've searched for RCV7.msi on the Internet, but what comes up says its rig control software for a Kenwood TM-V7 radio.

Any thoughts/help will be greatly appreciated.  Never had this problem before when installing DXLab Suite on any computer.

Barry Priddy - K5VIP/KG4BP

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