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Jim N7US

I like the rotor control enhancements a lot. Thanks very much, Dave.

Jim N7US

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Subject: [DXLab] DXView 4.7.5 is available

If you are using Window Defender Antivirus (Windows 10), update it to its
latest malware definition in


before installing or upgrading to DXView 4.7.5

This release

- prevents an "Invalid property array index" errorlog entry in
DXViewMain.CountryCombo_Click (tnx to Bruce K5WBM)

- allow plotting of QSOs with maritime mobile or aero mobile stations (tnx
to Jay KA9CFD)

- determines the location of a callsign whose override doesn't specify a
grid square by querying the USAP and DXCC databases (tnx to Björn SM7IUN)

- adds MSK144 and WSPR to the Mode Filter panel on the Configuration
window's "Plot Settings" tab (tnx to Hasan N0AN)

- more prominently displays the current antenna position when "Rotator
Control" is enabled on the Configuration window's "Rotator Control" tab (tnx
to Rich K1HTV)

- provides a new "Display GeoMag panel" checkbox in the Options panel on
the Configuration window's General tab that enables the GeoMag panel to be
hidden if you're not referring to it

- provides a new "Request rotor heading once per second" checkbox on the
Configuration window's "Rotator Control" tab that when checked directs a
Green Heron, Hygain, MDS, Rotor-EZ, M2 RC2800-PA, M2 RC2800PX, or Yaesu
antenna rotator to report its position once per second, and displays that
position in DXView's Main window (tnx to David VK3BDX, Tom W1TJL, Kent N6WT,
Greg VK3VT, Salvatore I4FYV, Don WB6BEE, and Bill G4WJS)

- updates the Configuration.htm and Operation.htm documentation files


1. Update your firewall and anti-malware applications to consider this new
version of DXView to be "safe"

Virus total: 72 of 72 engines detected no malware

Jotti: 15 of 15 engines detected no malware

Microsoft Security Intelligence: no malware

2. If this upgrade doesn't work correctly, see the "After an Upgrade"
section of <>

3. After upgrading, to revert to the previous version of DXView, see

DXView 4.7.5 is available via the DXLab Launcher or via



Dave, AA6YQ

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