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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

On Sat, Jul 4, 2020 at 03:21 AM, Patrick ON6AT wrote:

I have a problem exporting a piece from my log.
I describe what I do.

Every month I send my QSO's to the contest manager of UBA International Prefix Hunting.
How do I proceed?

1) Via DXKeeper Advanced Sorts, Filters & Modifiers I use the filter "After 1/06/2020 00:00 and before 30/06/2020 23:59"
    This will filter the log between these dates.

Now I go to Export to create an ADIF file from the filtered log.
I click on export and the check mark is on "Export standard ADIF" and on "Export QTH definitions".

Now I click on "START" and I can find the folder where I want to put the file.
As an example I use ON6AT-06, because adif is automatically added as an extension.

I click on "load" BUT now I get an error message:
"unnable to open ADIF file D: \ ON6AT_new2020 \ 4 - CONTESTS all \ UBA Contests \ UBA International Yacht \ 2020 \ ON6AT -06.adi - file already open"
It is not possible that an adif file is already open, if this file has not yet been created?
And certainly not, because the command is "export"?

Please have a solution for this message.
I work with DXKeeper version 15.6.6
Windows 10 Home 64 bit Build 18362
+ Resolution: the D drive onto which Patrick was attempting to export a file was write-protected. The not very helpful "file already open" error message was given to DXKeeper by Windows.


                Dave, AA6YQ

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