Spot filtering help needed

Phil Cooper

Hi all,

Because I want to know when "new country" 6m contacts are confirmed on LoTW, I had to enable 6m in my DXCC Bands & Modes tab of config, awards in DXKeeper.
That's fine, but it now means I am constantly hearing DX Joe shout DX every time a new one appears on the cluster.
The major issue for me is that most of these spots are US/Caribbean spots for other US/Caribbean calls, and my setup means I am unlikely to ever hear them.

What I could like, and I am sure it IS possible, is to filter out these spots, but still see spots for other bands that I may need such countries on.

Is there a tidy way of doing this? Maybe via an SQL expression using the SQL filter boxes?
I'm just not sure what to filter out...

73 de Phil GU0SUP

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