Re: DXKeeper - export error


Hi Patrick, ON6AT

Why not use the SQL Query Filters in the Adv panel ?
Write in
Caption: UBA Pfx
SQL expression: (FREQ BETWEEN 29 and 1.8) and (QSO_Begin BETWEEN #2020/06/01# and #2020/07/01#)and (Station_Callsign like 'ON6AT') and not(Call like '!*')
Click on Filter and all your QSO's are in the filter
Then go to the Panel "Export QSO's" in the next window press "No" in our case "Nee" click on Export ADIF for Club Log then Start and now type ON6AT-06 and "Save" in our case "Opslaan".
And that's all.
This is the way I do , and my log is always accepted.

PS: do not forget to save your SQL Query Filters 

Hope this will help

73 de Pat ON2AD

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