Re: Log field day contacts on DXKeeper

John Brier

I just subscribed so I could share some info I found regarding Cabrillo and ARRL field day:

Here is word from Dan Henderson from the ARRL contest branch on using Cabrillo for your log submission.

Field Day is not included in the Cabrillo format. It has no way to mark/indicate power sources, GOTA station callsigns, bonus points, NTS traffic messages, etc. Also, Field Day only requires Dupe Sheets, not full logs. It is perfectly acceptable to include the Cabrillo log in lieu of the Dupe Sheets, but Field Day must have a completely filled out Summary sheet that includes all necessary information. This can be done with a “reasonable facsimile” electronically. However, since “proofs of bonus” (i.e. copies of letters to newspapers, visitor logs, photos, etc) are abundantly provided, most people find it easier to do Field Day via the regular mail – and use a combined system of part-electronic added to the paper summaries. Anything received electronically for Field Day will be receipted but we may have to manually follow up if we can’t get the basic required information from the email.

73′ Dan Henderson, N1ND

Above quote from:

I logged my contacts on paper and ended up using N1MM+ to create my Cabrillo file for ARRL Field Day. I will include it below in case it helps.

I tried to use DXKeeper initially but when I followed your instructions and went to export the Cabrillo file it said "ARRL-FIELD-DAY not supported."

After I finished using N1MM to submit my logs to ARRL I found this wiki page:

That method seems to use a different method to gather the info ARRL expects (a report). I haven't tried it.

If it helps here is the Carbillo file for ARRL Field Day that N1MM+ produced. Maybe you can use it to add support for Cabrillo export of ARRL FD logs.

N1MM+ is one of the logging programs that ARRL lists under "Field Day Logging Software" on their web page as supporting FD.

73, John Brier KG4AKV

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