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Jim N7US

I just added the check mark that Dave and Iain, N6ML, suggested, and all is
well. The last two (fifth and sixth) characters in the grid square aren't
being changed now, but I'm fine with that.

Jim N7US

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+ AA6YQ comments below

My LOTW QSL syncing seems like it's taking much longer. My Field Day log,
which I imported from N1MM+, had over 1100 contacts and took an especially
long time (sorry, I didn't measure the time). My internet speed is low
because I have wireless internet, since I live in a rural area, but it
hasn't changed significantly.

After each download the LotW_QSLs_ADI_results.txt file has results such as:

log vs LotW mismatch: updated GRIDSQUARE with EN82jl from LoTW; was
previously logged as EN82jm

I don't care about six character grid squares and really don't care about
grid squares except on 6M, the only VHF band I work. I do have QRZ's XML
data service, so the grids are being populated from QRZ in the log import

+ Then in the "Handling of LoTW QSL detail inconsistencies" panels on
+ the "QSL Configuration" window's LoTW tab, check the "Ignore
subsquare mismatches" box.

Is there a way to speed up the process?

+ There are too many unknowns to answer your question: number of QSLs
+ being reported, LoTW's download performance, what else was
running on your computer at the time, how long since your computer was last
rebooted, the effective bandwidth of your internet connection, how long the
process took this year vs last year, possible interference from an
anti-malware applications, etc.

+ A good starting point would be to establish a baseline by rebooting
+ your system into "safe mode with networking" and then
measuring your internet bandwidth at the same 3 times each day for the next
7 day. When you next encounter "slow LoTW QSL syncing", immediately measure
your internet bandwidth (without rebooting), and compare that to the
baseline you established.

+ I use this site to measure my internet bandwidth:



Dave, AA6YQ

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