Jim N7US

My LOTW QSL syncing seems like it’s taking much longer. My Field Day log, which I imported from N1MM+, had over 1100 contacts and took an especially long time (sorry, I didn’t measure the time).  My internet speed is low because I have wireless internet, since I live in a rural area, but it hasn’t changed significantly.


After each download the LotW_QSLs_ADI_results.txt file has results such as:


log vs LotW mismatch: updated GRIDSQUARE with EN82jl from LoTW; was previously logged as EN82jm


I don’t care about six character grid squares and really don’t care about grid squares except on 6M, the only VHF band I work.  I do have QRZ’s XML data service, so the grids are being populated from QRZ in the log import process.


Is there a way to speed up the process?



Jim N7US


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