Re: launcher does not open

Crispo, Alexander W

Ok Dave I got the correct file in and it did display my QSO’s, It did restart correctly.


Now I notice in the launcher that the launcher check box is grayed out and so is the program path?  What does that mean and how do I fix that?




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From: Dave AA6YQ
Sent: Sunday, June 28, 2020 5:20 PM
Subject: Re: [DXLab] launcher does not open


+ AA6YQ comments below

Yes I have rebooted several times.

+ OK. Is DXKeeper still reporting the "another application has exclusively opened" message when it starts up?

My log file should reside in OS My log file should reside in OS (C:)\DXLab\DXKeeper\backups

My log file is there

+ In the "Log file" panel at the top of the Log tab of DXKeeper's Configuration window, click the Select button. In the "Select
existing log" window that appears, navigate to

+ and select your Log file.

+ Does DXKeeper open your log file and display your QSOs?

+ If so, terminate DXKeeper, and start DXKeeper again. Does it display your QSOs?


               Dave, AA6YQ


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