Re: Logging Field Day QSOs when directly interoperating with WSJT-X


On 28/06/2020 00:53, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

The Logged ADIF message only has the de station's class in the RST_SENT field, I'm not even sure that is right.

+ Yes, I see that now that you point it out. In my opinion, that's not appropriate.

Do you know what ADIF field is the right on to include the DE station's ARRL/RAC section, or indeed their FD class? I think that if a FD log is uploaded to the ARRL then the DE stations class and section are only in the header. The "header" to which you refer appears in a Cabrillo log, not an ADIF file.

+ The ARRL does not process submitted Field Day logs; it just wants evidence that the user made an effort to prevent duplicate QSOs.

The UDP message QSO Logged does include the "Exchange sent" and "Exchange received" fields which contain the same as those fields on the Log QSO dialog.

+ Here's what was logged to DXKeeper using WSJT-X 2.2.2:

RST_SENT: my class

RST_RCVD: my QSO partner's class


ARRL-SECT: my QSO partner's ARRL section

STX: <blank> (DXKeeper labels this item "tx #")

SRX: <blank> (DXKeeper labels this item "rx #")

STX_STRING: my QSO partner's class and ARRL section (DXKeeper labels this item "tx info")

SRX_STRING: <blank> (DXKeeper labels this item "rx info")

+ My advice (See #8 below)

1. don't misuse RST_SENT; use it to record the SNR sent

2. don't misuse of RST_RCVD; use it to record the SNR rcvd

3. continue to record the transmitted exchange (class and section) in STX_STRING

4. record the received exchange (class and section) in SRX_STRING

5. continue to record ARRL-FIELD-DAY in CONTEST_ID

6. continue to record the received ARRL Section in ARRL_SECT

7. continue to leave STX and SRX blank (since they are of integer data type; they can be used to record serial numbers in contests that employ them)

8. Confer with Tom N1MM before making changes.


Dave, AA6YQ
Hi Dave,

thanks for the useful comments and suggestions. I wonder why you do not recommend using the CLASS ADIF field for the DX station's FD class, it seems specifically for that purpose. For FD no report is received, so I assume your recommendation is to leave that ADIF field blank. Given that the ADIF specification says that specific ADIF fields override SRX_STRING and STX_STRING, it would seem unwise to populate SRX_STRING for FD when there are specific fields CLASS and ARRL_SECT that would override.




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