Re: Logging Field Day QSOs when directly interoperating with WSJT-X


On 28/06/2020 00:04, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

do you use the QSO Logged UDP message or the Logged ADIF UDP message to capture logged QSOs?

+ "Logged ADIF" (MessageType 12)

Do you have Tab 1 messages enabled in WSJT-X?

+ I am using the TX messages on Tab 1, which do include my class and section.

+ If there's a "Tab 1 messages enabled" checkbox, I'm not aware of its location in the application, and see no reference to it in the "2.2 User's Guide".


Dave, AA6YQ
Hi Dave,

there's no enable other than having the Tab 1 messages selected.

The Logged ADIF message only has the de station's class in the RST_SENT field, I'm not even sure that is right. Do you know what ADIF field is the right on to include the DE station's ARRL/RAC section, or indeed their FD class? I think that if a FD log is uploaded to the ARRL then the DE stations class and section are only in the header.

The UDP message QSO Logged does include the "Exchange sent" and "Exchange received" fields which contain the same as those fields on the Log QSO dialog.





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