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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Updated to 8.6.9 about 5 min ago. (Saturday, 27 June 1715z)

I did not do any special update of Windows Defender, and SpotCollector upgraded just fine, no issues.

I assume that the reason it worked is that I waited about 24 hours from the initial upgrade notice with the Windows Defender warning, and my copy of Defender was/is always as up to date as possible.

+ I don't know how frequently Windows Defender downloads updated malware definitions from

+ The Release Note (below) suggests manually directing Windows Defender to perform this update before upgrading.

+ Dave W6DE reported that Windows Defender immediately quarantined early versions of this release; based on your report, Hasan, it would seem that pre-clearing new application versions with Microsoft is effective. Thanks!


Dave, AA6YQ

On Fri, Jun 26, 2020 at 5:33 PM Dave AA6YQ <@AA6YQ> wrote:

If you are using Windows Defender anti-malware, direct it to update its definitions from

before you install SpotCollector 8.6.9. The executables in this version have been submitted to Microsoft for analysis and declared
free of malware. In theory, Window Defender with updated definitions should not consider them harmful - but I have not tested this.

This release

- when reporting that the Spot Database file cannot be read, reports the pathname of the Spot Database file (tnx to Pete N4ZR)

- correctly restores the Spot Database Display font size between operating sessions (tnx to Don WB6BEE)

- provides the ability to pre-filter incoming spots by band, mode family, and origin (tnx to Rick K8GI, Rick WR0H, Rod W7ZRC, Björn
SM7IUN, and Ian VK6DW)

- increases the size of the buffer used for UDP messages from WSJT-X (tnx to Joe KC2TN and Bill G4WJS)

- saves changes to the WSJT-X UDP port between operating sessions

- correctly sets a Spot Database Entry's DXGridSource item when configured to inspect spot notes, but the spot notes don't specify
a grid square (tnx to Iain N6ML)

- correctly identifies WSJT-X windows so they can be "raised" (tnx to Steve W5GP)

- prevents the incorrect display of the "No Spot Database specified; spots will not be collected" message on shutdown (tnx to
Franco 3A2MW)

- reduces the impact on interactive responsiveness with the "Enable SNR & Probability prediction" option enabled

- updates each Spot Database Entry's OMDX field when recomputing

- provides a "Discard spots from spotting stations callsigns ending in -@" option on the Configuration window's "Special Callsigns"
tab (tnx to George AT6C and Iain N6ML)

- accepts decoded MSK144 and WSPR callsigns from WSJT-X (tnx to Hasan N0AN)

- with the Lookup option enabled in the WSJT-X panel on the Configuration window's "Spot Sources" tab, when the contents of the
WSJT-X "DX Call" textbox transitions from more than one character to no characters, directs DXKeeper to remove the Log Page Display

- provides an SC_WSJTX.exe bridge application that compensates for the retraction of WSJT-X "Highlight Callsigns in all decoding
periods" functionality (tnx to Bill G4WJS and Dave W6DE for their help with testing)

- adds the Prefiltering.htm documentation file

- updates the ConfigurationDatabase.htm, ConfigurationSources.htm, ConfigurationSpecialCallsigns.htm, index.htm, SpotDatabase.htm,
SourceConnection.htm, and WebBrowser.htm documentation files


1. To pre-filter by band, mode, or origin, click the new Pre-filter button in the lower-right corner of the Configuration window's
"Spot Database" tab; information from spots discarded by pre-filtering is not added to the Spot Database.

2. When the Enable box is checked in the WSJT-X panel on the Configuration window's "Spot Sources" tab, SpotCollector starts am
included bridge application called SC_WSJTX that closely interacts with WSJT-X in order to color-code information displayed in the
WSJT-X "Band Activity" panel.

a. Callsigns decoded for the first time may require multiple seconds to be color-coded in the WSJT-X "Band Activity" panel for
need and LoTW/eQSL participation; subsequent decodings should be immediately color-coded

a. When running, SC_WSJTX displays a bridge icon in the Windows Task Bar

b. SC_WSJTX displays small window displaying its connection status with SpotCollector and WSJT-X, its version number, and a
Dismiss button

i. clicking the Dismiss button will minimize (hide) the SC_WSJTX window

ii. if dismissed, the SC_WSJTX window will re-appear in "always on top" mode if an error occurs that merits your immediate

c. unchecking the Enable box is checked in the WSJT-X panel on the Configuration window's "Spot Sources" tab or terminating
SpotCollector will automatically terminate the SC_WSJTX bridge application

3. For unknown reasons, when running on Windows 8, depressing the CTRL key while clicking the circular WSJT-X indicator in the Main
window's "Spot source status" panel does not raise the WSJT-X Main and "Wide graph" windows; this function works correctly on
Windows 7 and Windows 10.

4. Update your firewall and anti-malware applications to consider this new version of SpotCollector to be "safe"

a. 0/15 Jotti scanners detected malware in SpotCollector.exe or SC_WSJTX.exe

b. 0/71 VirusTotal scanners detected malware in SpotCollector.exe and 2/72 (including Windows Defender) detected malware in
SC_WSJTX.exe; I consider the latter to be false positives.

c. SpotCollector.exe and SC_WSJTX.exe have both been submitted to Microsoft and found free of malware. Updated definitions for
Windows Defender are available here:


5. If this upgrade doesn't work correctly, see the "After an Upgrade" section of

6. After upgrading, to revert to the previous version of SpotCollector, see

SpotCollector 8.6.9 is available via the DXLab Launcher, and via



Dave, AA6YQ

<> Virus-free. <>

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