Several DXLab apps "Preparing to Install" - won't open

Dave Corio

Probably more a Windows problem, but asking here in case someone has encountered it before. This is likely the failed upgrade to Win 10 v. 2004.

After reverting my Windows 10 2004 to 1909, I have three DXLab apps that will not open. They are
Spot Collector

When I attempt to start any of those, a small window with the title "Windows Installer" opens showing a message "Preparing to install". The window remains in that state until the "Cancel" button is clicked, at which point the message says "Cancelling", but the window remains hour-glassed until stopped using "End Task". The Window gives no indication of what "Installer" it is running, and just allowing it to continue does not result in change of any kind.

All three apps do the same thing, regardless if they are started using the desktop shortcut or the app in the file folder. At the time this is happening, Task Manager shows the selected app actually running (ie- DXKeeper.exe (32 bit)), although the app never opens. Commander and DXView open as they should. I do not have PropView or PathFinder installed as I do not use them.

Do these apps sound like good candidates for removal and reinstall using the "Move to another PC" guidelines, or has someone run across this before and know of a fix?

Tnx es 73
Dave - K1DJE

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