Re: myQTH changed on most QSO's

Steve Wedge <Steve27302@...>

Thanks, Dave.  I let things take their course and got the all-clear from ARRL after getting new keys for my old callsigns.  Sorry, this is way too much hocus-pocus for my hardware brain but that took care of everything.  I applied for the endorsements and credited everything I had on LoTW.  It cost me $$$ but better now than when really retired.  I do wish that DXK would let you know that it submitted with a prompt or an OK box.  I wasn't sure if it actually changed everything to Verified until I checked it by searching.  

LoTW has certainly reduced the number of cards that I'll need to submit for my 5BDXCC.  I was dreading having to find hundreds of cards and now, I only need 23 cards.  Progress!



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