Re: Confirming 6m grids for users not on LoTW

Peter Dougherty

On Thu, Jun 18, 2020 at 06:44 AM, Joe Subich, W4TV wrote:
actually be able to accomplish what you want by:

1) Filter the DXKeeper Log display with:
App_DXKeeper_LotW_User <> 'Y'
2) Clear the "Add Needed requests" boxes
3) Clear the Awards boxes in Add Needed
4) Select *only* FFMA

Can you please elaborate on steps 2 and 3? Where are these located? It's been more than a year or more since I last did anything with DXKeeper except import contest ADIFs; I'm a bit rusty on where certain things are located.

I mentioned the FFMA initially since I'm also looking to confirm all US grids, but I don't want to limit it to just FFMA counters. 

I have filtered the display with the 3 conditions I mentioned upthread (only 6m QSOs with a date after Jan.1 2015 and not an LoTW user). I could add the condition of the entity being K or VE, but I'm fine with worldwide since I can send the non-US cards out via the bureau...most non-US/Canada are Italy, England, Scotland, Spain and Portugal. But the trick becomes how to filter it further to only include grids that have not been otherwise confirmed via LoTW by other stations. This is the part I'm having difficulty with.

If DXKeeper's stats are correct, I should only have a maximum of 50-odd records of worked-not-confirmed grids on 6, and I'd wager about 20% of those are LoTW users who either have not yet uploaded, who've busted my call, or I'm NIL to them.

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