Re: 6m grid false positives in Spot Collector

Peter Dougherty

Well crap. I guess that did happen. I was getting hits on the call in Spot Collector, but JT Alert-X wasn't tweaking to whatever he was reporting. As I sit here and watch every other region getting these fantastic long-haul openings knowing NJ seems to get the dregs 99 times out of 100, then I see this. Shaping up to be One Of Those Mornings. If he was roving in EM43, though, I have to wonder why JTAlert-X didn't pick up on it, since it's usually VERY reliable in flagging new grids.

I guess I never really worried about domestic grids in the past, figuring they were a dime a dozen. But now that I'm over 500 (still wet behind the ears compared to many here, I'm sure) new grid flags are getting increasingly difficult, especially domestically. And it's funny how, when I look at my 6m grid worked/confirmed map in DX Atlas, everything falls off a cliff west of EM. I only have about 30% of grids worked in DM70-DM99, but about 95-98% of EM00-EM30. It's like the DM/EM divide is a DX wall. And the Canadian border is a much bigger DX wall. Looks like most Canadian hams don't pay much attention to 6m. My EN and FN grids all basically stop at the US-Canada border. Put down the maple syrup and the Timmies double-doubles and get up on six, eh? (I can say this...I'm also VE3THX; born and raised in the land of moose-and-elk).

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