Re: Confirming 6m grids for users not on LoTW

Peter Dougherty

The FFMA report is a good starting point, but I would respectfully suggest going further with this concept for needs in general.

If someone who uses LoTW goes in to that report it's almost certainly not to see what's confirmed/verified (he can do that via LoTW after all), but rather, to try and figure out what's still outstanding; to determine who will need to be sent a physical card.

Using "add needed" doesn't work properly either since it's selecting LoTW users as well as non-LoTW users (and multiple non-6m QSOs with those who I also need to confirm on 6). I'm willing to give LoTW users a couple of years before I mark those Qs as needed for paper card (or, more likely, not in their log or otherwise unconfirmable).

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