Re: 6m grid false positives in Spot Collector

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

If you ever do find yourself with some free time, the feature to alert only if X spots are received within Y time would be most welcome. I leave everything running overnight with my antenna beamed towards Europe, so any early-morning trans-Atlantic activity to a new zone or entity will trip the alarm bells, but if only one spot, legit or bogus, arrives there's no need to crawl bleary-eyed into the shack on 3 hours' sleep. If I get 3 in 2 minutes, or even 2 in 30 seconds, then it's likely the start of a legit opening and it's time to caffeinate and get going. I'd say a similar condition for DXpeditions or needed entities would weed out fake spots.

+ Why not put a tablet next to your bed and use SpotCollector's web interface so you can directly determine whether it's worth getting up? See


+ and



Dave, AA6YQ

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