Re: 6m grid false positives in Spot Collector

Peter Dougherty

I meant Spot Collector, of course. I had been chatting about my days with DX Base with a friend earlier tonight and I typed that unintentionally. I have corrected it in my original question, above.

I will test this out tomorrow (or whenever the band opens enough to see the usual flood of spots).

If you ever do find yourself with some free time, the feature to alert only if X spots are received within Y time would be most welcome. I leave everything running overnight with my antenna beamed towards Europe, so any early-morning trans-Atlantic activity to a new zone or entity will trip the alarm bells, but if only one spot, legit or bogus, arrives there's no need to crawl bleary-eyed into the shack on 3 hours' sleep. If I get 3 in 2 minutes, or even 2 in 30 seconds, then it's likely the start of a legit opening and it's time to caffeinate and get going. I'd say a similar condition for DXpeditions or needed entities would weed out fake spots. 

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