Re: DXLabs, WSJT-X (ft8) and Yaesu FT-950


On 15/06/2020 22:29, Jackson McNees wrote:

Very pleased to see this discussion.  Sometime back I used a Yeasu FT-920 with SignalLinkUSB to the mike port and worked fine.  Recently decided to get back active again but decided to switch to the data port to free up mike and to start using DxLab Suite.  Although the FT-920 is in DATA mode, after transmitting, the 920 changes to USB.  Looked high and low through Commander docs to see if something there but found nothing.  Based on this discussion, will have to see if I have to set up a command sequence to change mode after transmitting.  Hopefully this will give the fix I need!


Jack, K4IJQ


is this with WinWarbler, WSJT-X, or some other data comms application?




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