Re: myQTH changed on most QSO's

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

This may have to do with updates from LoTW. I was told that I only really needed to update my latest call sign with LoTW unless I was entering more Q's from paper logs.

+ What do you mean by "update my latest callsign with LoTW"?

Yes, I may do that someday but I just want to make sure that I have everything I already have at 100%.

I don't know how it happened but just about all of my QSO's, going back to 1982, have myQTH changed to my current QTH. For DXCC and WAZ purposes, it won't matter (I'm still in Zone 5) but I am (a) curious as to how this could have happened

+ You evidently directed DXKeeper to make those changes; it cannot make such changes autonomously.

and (b) wondering if I could correct this data -- or would it mess up LoTW?

+ You should correct your logged QSOs to specify the correct "my QTH". Each "my QTH" should specify the associated "LoTW Station Location".

+ See



Dave, AA6YQ

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